TDR Landslide Monitoring System

  • Cost Effective

    It just needs setting up cable sensors under stratum. For example, in one of our project, the cost only 1/15 of in-place inclinometer in the 30 meters monitoring case.

  • Wide ranges

    The distance of electromagnetic waves is more than 1 km, and it is suitable for every slope monitoring.

  • Reliability

    There’s no any electronic devices underground, so it avoid devices or inclinometer casing damage risks.

  • Multifunction

    Enable to integrate rain gauge, water level sensor, tiltmeter, extensometer and so on.

  • Flexibility

    According to customers’ demands, we provide automatic monitoring and manual monitoring.

  • Greatly Expanded scope of monitoring

    8 probes for one station

  • Rentable

    For short-term monitoring demands, customer may rent devices without purchasing.

Installation Schematic

TDR is like ground-penetrating radar. Electromagnetic waves extend via previously buried cable sensor to do real-time monitoring of slopes. By detecting cable sensor’s displacement and movement to verify stratum sliding volume and depth.


Taiwan area national freeway bureau, MOTC Central region engineering Office Freeway No. 3 Dajia slope section

Directorate general of highways, MOTC Second maintenance office Provincial Highway No. 9, 139K, 140K, 142K

Nantou County Government Lixing industrial road 32K

Construction Process