Wireless Sensor Node


Wireless Sensor Node combine with three components: Active RF DAQ, Gateway Reader and Software.

Active RF DAQ supply and measure many sensors, and push data to Reader, host PC can use interface such as 3G module connecting with Wireless Sensor Node.


Slope Monitoring   Hydrologic Monitoring
Construction Monitoring   Agriculture
Home Automation   Factory Automation

System Schematic

Sensors(1~8)and optional modules(A,B)


  • Using the solar panel
  • No using annunciator wire
  • No monthly rental charge
  • Easy installation
  • Simple Appearance
  • Automatic warning System
  • Mobile Interface


  • Sensor: Rain gauge, Water level sensor, Crackmeter, Tiltmeter.
  • Transmission distance: 1000m
  • Power Supply: 2.5w solar panel
  • Power supply time: 180 days
  • Size: 17×14×13 cm
  • Low power warning