Forward-Looking .Sustainable Development  LoRa technology -IoT

LoRa technology measurement for water monitoring in Shimen reservoir area.

Threat of global warming /climate change is not only influence the using  efficiently

of  water resources but also affect the long-term development of  people’s  livelihood,

agriculture and economy.The development of water enviorment and cpnstruction that

 is to government’s long-range benefits for them to  boost it.

Water Resources Agency adopt a long term and large-scale monitoring in order

to achieve sustainable development of water resources ,also to avoid the siltation

of the reservoir and to maintain the storage capacity of reservoir.

In the past, the communication technology was limited  by the distance or regions,

that influence  monitoring on   mountain area could not been universal used. In order

to  verify LoRa (Long Range Low Power)that can be used in  the mountain area

 for monitoring, Geonerve Technology  with the Jiaotong University research team

went to test LoRa  together in the seven floating platform of Shimen Reservoir.This

testing proved LoRa, which can be successful used to  monitor the Shimen Reservoir.