Our purpose to utilize video recognition core technology for not only “compression” of video data but also “recognition” of water level by using the existing monitoring video equipment. It can be used in many ways, such as high flood risk areas, underpass, river, bridge or landslide.

  • Stable & Accurate: Accuracy has more than 96%.

  • Automatic Early Warning system: Capture images from video when water level reaches alert values.

  • Highly Integration: Design to be able to emerged for existing sensors.

  • Timely information: Automated checks equipment/system status at any time.

  • IoT Seamless network: Multi-point monitoring.

  • High Extensibility: enable integrated outside video source

  • Graphic design website: Easy to use. Integrated cloud databases and stored video files in the cloud.


Automatic Video Recognition of Bridge Water Level

Automatic Video Recognition of Water Level

License Plate Recognition


Provincial Highway No. 88 – Bridge Monitoring System

Organizer: Third district maintenance construction office, Directorate general of highways.

Set up time: 2014

Case Description:
There are six bridges, WanDa bridge, ShuangYuan bridge, Wutai Guchuan bridge, Sandimen bridge, ShinChiWei bridge and DianBau bridge in Gaoping River. We set up automatic bridge monitoring and warning system to monitor bridge structure, bridge scour and river water levels to ensure human security.