Dynamic License Plate Recognition

Internet of Things -Dynamic License Plate Recognition What is dynamic license plate recognition? Maybe everyone has experienced it! Everyone can find it from high-speed rail parking and expressway e-Tag! How can license plate recognition change our lives also bring more convenience? You can  watch the video first. Or click on the official website to learn…

6/2 Rainy flood. TDR guard Shigang Dam’s water source

6/2 Rainy flood. TDR guard Shigang Dam’s water source TDR SSC – 500 Time Domain Reflectance Sediment Concentration Measurement System A combination of the rainy season front and a south-west monsoon weather system affected the central Taiwan.Rolling floods bring a large number of muddy mud into the Shi Gangba reservoir, resulting in turbidity rose to…

Forward-Looking .Sustainable Development LoRa technology -IoT

Forward-Looking .Sustainable Development  LoRa technology -IoT LoRa technology measurement for water monitoring in Shimen reservoir area. Threat of global warming /climate change is not only influence the using  efficiently of  water resources but also affect the long-term development of  people’s  livelihood, agriculture and economy.The development of water enviorment and cpnstruction that  is to government’s long-range…

2016 Smart City Summit & Expo

2016 Smart City Summit & Expo



Geonerve Technology cooperated with Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) to exhibit “4G mobile pumping machine monitoring and remote control system” in 2016 Smart City Summit & Expo.