6/2 Rainy flood. TDR guard Shigang Dam’s water source

TDR SSC – 500 Time Domain Reflectance Sediment Concentration Measurement System

A combination of the rainy season front and a south-west monsoon weather system affected the central Taiwan.Rolling floods

bring a large number of muddy mud into the Shi Gangba reservoir, resulting in turbidity rose to 12000NTU.

The Water Resources Agency,MOEA can take decompression water supply, in order to avoid turbid water into the water purification

plant  to pollute the clean water.


Geonerve technology’s colleagues support the reservoir to monitor water resorces round-the-clock.The turbidity was over alert level

on the evening of June 3; consequently, colleagues immediately notify the relevant units, in order to avoid turbid water into the water

purification plant and to pollute the clean water. Also, it can be avoided as last year Sultan typhoon caused the Taipei people to drink

muddy water situation!

What is the monitoring of the turbidity to a warning level immediately taking the correct protection of water action?

The answer is “the TDR SSC-500 time-domain reflectance sediment concentration measurement system”, which is also the world’s first

set of PPM concentration and is being measured directly to the test.

TDR SSC-500 is an advanced technology of water sediment.